example of art image

Art / Image Manipulation

Photo manipulation is my first love.

Most of the images in the gallery below are photo composits. Although there are a couple of images that are more illustration than manipulation.

Here's an example of the working of one of the images: The making of Spider-Frog.

A lot of the images you'll find below were created for competitions at Worth1000 under the name troop1. click here for my Worth1000 portfolio.

Please use my contact page for any enquiries.

Art / Image Manipulation Gallery

dog clown
maze egg
obama fortune
rusty snail
4 seasons lake
epcot centre ruin
body sculpture
splash lamp
aspiration house
dancing mouse
bar nuts in beer ceral
catching a taxi
celeb cat at the vets
scary clown
pepper house
supper for the count
bmx with no bmx
stiched up plane
bunny knight
watership down collectors item
super cute creature
obama plushie toy
eternity ring
lock and key visual pun
dinosaur mouse
specialist rural police squad
celebrity puppet
kitten with ambition