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The importance of branding and particularly a logo cannot be overestimated. They convey information about you to a new customer or client on first impression - and will lead to recognition of your company or product locally, internationally and online.

People don't think in words, they think in ideas and impressions - visual impression being a primary one. So when an existing or past client thinks about you, while they know the product or service and they feel their judgements about you, its your logo and branding that they see.

I believe designing a logo should be a fairly collaborative process between designer and client because you don't stop learning about the client and their business once a brief is agreed.
Reaction can be as enlightening as instruction sometimes and good bespoke design is all about understanding.

Logo Case Studies

hillcrest branch

Hillcrest Branch

Before coming to me, the (then) manager of Hillcrest Branch had been struggling to get a logo that matched exactly what she had in mind. Through talking about her ideas and requirements we created a brief for a logomark that was very simple but literally represented the company's name and ethos with elegant simplicity. She was happy to find that my first roughs captured just what she was looking for and the final logo soon came to fruition.

momentum gym logo

Momentum Gym

For this logo the requirments were a logo which expresses the movement of their name, but equally a logo what is robust enough for all kinds of application. In other words a logo that looks great in digital or print media, but that will also work as well on more unusual surfaces like a towel.

dakar challenge

Dakar Challenge

Dakar Challenge is a company that runs banger rallies/tours in various places around the world. They needed a logo that matched their adventurous spirit and emphasis on fun. The only other requirement was to feature the Lada vehicle commonly used by challengers. The logo to the left is a coloured version for digital use, a simplified monotone one is used for more "lo-fi" applications like fax's, messages in the sand for rescue services and vodka inspired tattoos :P

Urban office logo

Urban Office Interiors

Urban Office had already built much of their branding around their existing logo, but the logo itself needed a little updating. So the challenge here was to make the logo look new, without being unrecognisable. The mark was updated to a smoother and cleaner design of the same shaped illustration and the type setting tweaked. The colours stayed the same and the logo fit seamlessly back into the company branding that its previous incarnation had inspired.

More Logo Examples

variety of logos
variety of logos
variety of logos
variety of logos