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Misc. Work

I would like to highlight a few specific post-photo services i offer.

Image Retouching:
From cleaning up some spots on a portrait or some litter in a landscape, to full retouching of studio photography (or 'Airbrushing' as its sometimes called). Sometimes photo's are not quite as perfect as we would like them to be, I can usually do something about that.

Image Adjusting:
A step on from retouching an image is actually changing the content in some way. This might be as simple as changing some colours or as complex as reworking the the photo's content.

Photo Restoration:
Before everything was digital we all had our memories stored away in photo albums and shoeboxes. And as romantic as that seems now, the reality is hardcopy photographs get damaged. In many cases this can be "fixed" through digital restoration.

Sometimes before something comes into being we need to see it. 3D mock ups I've done all kinds of mock-ups, from shop developments to landscaping.

Some Miscellaneous Image Work Examples

photo restoration example

Photo Restoration

The example to the Left is a pretty extreme example of a damaged photo. Not only did it need fixing, but large areas had to be recreated from scratch. Often if the missing sections of a photo are remembered, then they can be described and recreated. In this instance the identity of the guy on the left with half his head missing was unknown - replacing faces requires more refined recreation than tree's and fences!

All photo restoration work has to be assessed ,discussed and quoted for photo by photo because there's a huge grey area between what absolutly can and can't be done, and how it's done too. With photo's often being such emotionaly important things, I believe expectation should be honest and realistic.

urban office adverts
divine advert

Imaging Adjusting / Re-touching

Here are 2 examples from work done for a Jewelery store. In the first it was desirable for the client to change the colour of the models top so the photo was more harmonious with its presentation space. I also did a little retouching and adjustments to the light and colour.

In the second image the client decided to advertise a different product to that which they'd had the model wear at the shoot. So i was asked to change the products.

urban office adverts
divine advert

Photographic Artist Impressions

Artists impressions are usually illustrated or 3D models, sometimes that can be prohibitively expensive for smaller applications where an impression of the project completed is equally as useful. In all kinds of cases i can add to or change a photo to include the work being done or proposed, and to a budget to suit even the smallest jobs.

In the examples I have a shop development for which the client felt a image would help for presenting the new enterprise. And then there's a client who was unsure how a lean-to glass house for tomatos would impact his garden visually.